Sunday, September 28, 2008


Confesssion of the day : I am a News Whore.

This means that i spend a ot of my free time just reading articles and watching News channels (only problem now is the lack of a television). I end up reading the weirdest stuff and sometimes the most unimportant stuff. For example i do know what is happening in the U.S presidential elections on a day to day basis. I have screenshots of Sarah Palin's(who??) Inbox which i downloaded from wiki leaks.

I know that there is a don't use the beach in Dubai warning now. I know now that 243,112,609-1 (it has thirteen million digits) is the largest prime number found so far (atleast it is claimed to be so). But i have no idea why i have to know. This problem has become a major issue in my life after the news service Google news has been on. It is like a newspaper of newspapers only reporting what you want to be reported. 

what i don't understand is why i need to know all this. Actually what i don't understand is why we need to know so much of everything. Sometimes i feel that a lot of the important stuff gets buried under this heap of information. 

In the past the main problem used to be that very little information used to be there about anything. Now i feel that the problem is that we have to much information on everything. I haven't found a single subject on earth which doesn't have a wikipedia page. you can even search for Nungambakkam on wikipedia and find an article on it. Im not even starting off about google.

Sometimes i am led to believe that the internet is a bad thing. Okay, not entirely true. But too much of the internet is definetely bad for a human being. I know people who spend 10 hours of their day on Facebook. Everyday (more on sundays). I have a roommate who i talk to only in college because he is stuck to his laptop and i am to mine whenever we at home. I have an ever so whiny girlfriend ( if the girlfriend reads this read it as : sweet beautiful pretty sensible girlfriend)  who complains that i spend too much time on the laptop now.

People have become more locked up with the internet. (Now, it's time for a cliche) People seem to know random people from halfway acrooss the globe and not know who lives across the hallway in their buildings. Even if one wanted to know who lives in the other apartment, he would be too busy shagging with Maria from Venezuela via webcam. 

Another evil is the whore of a site called Facebook. You can call it by many names. Orkut and Facebook being the popular names for it. Social networking is the biggest whore on earth. One can see that horny paedophilic teenagers are lusting after you sister on her wall and scrapbook. you can find your loved one flirting under the blanket of anonymity. You can see weird status messages like "I miss you are my free bird...". you choose to meet people on these sites rather than in person over a cup of coffee.

And you can even look pretty. 
People post these ultra cool images of themselves on these sites (im not that hot there either). You really think that you havve met the hottest of them all there and then you realize that 'oooops...she is not an Ayesha Takia lookalike...that picture was Ayesha Takia herself '

Not everything about it is bad...the other i found my long lost pet Iguana Thongface and send her a message. She reached the Borneos. She is happy and married to another Iguana called FishSticks from Germany. I saw their pictures. That is the best part of social networking. You can find anybody and be found by anybody there. even if you hate that person or vice versa.


I am usual nobody pays attention to me or what i say in the real world (i mite just be too intellectual for them or maybe a lil too talkative) and i rant that out here...

Other evils of the great advent of technology may be this blog you are reading (u must have wasted 3 minutes of your life reading this * +5 for retards like me...-1 for geniuses who realize what the are going through by the 120th second and discontinue)....
one of these days i am going to come up with a real blogpost....not stupid shit like this...

JB signin off....


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today, i turned 21.

21 means a lot of things to a lot of people.

For me it is another normal year. I just feel a lot older. Gone are the aspirations of becoming a taxi driver or a garbage collector just because it was cool. In is financial woes and balancing a budget. Along with the aspiration of an MBA and all that jazz.

21 in India is the legal age for entering into matrimony for males (i am a male, i can prove that...if you are a girl, give me a call). 21 is the legal clubbing age across the entire world (i hope so). 21 is the legal age to drink as well. So, technically i should be happy that i am 21.

But why am i not? Maybe this is the fucked up part in me. Sometimes i wish i could be a kid all over again. Sometimes i wish otherwise.

Today is one such day where i wish i could be innocent. where i would have no worries. all i want to do is play cars with mini cars and remote controls and make a huge 'traffic jam line of cars' thingy. Maybe that is why i made it a point to be as childish as i could be on 24th September 2008.

Somehow i feel that today was my last day of being a child. And i used it to its full potential.

Enough of that emotional crap.

Things that normal people do on their 21st birthday that i felt was not needed:
1) a bath
2) wear clean clothes
3) Celebrate
4) not work

this list could go on for ages and i could come up with wild things that wouldn't make any sense. so i decided to stop here.

So what did i do on the first day of my 21st year on earth? Nothing that i did was spectacular. at least voluntarily. Otherwise i got kicked on my bum while suspended from air. Egg smacked while being blindfolded. and a chocolate cake that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEDA FUCKER.
Don't ask me what Yeda means...

I wonder what one should actually feel on their 21st year of life? I don't feel serious enough to be an adult. not childish enough to be a kid. I don't feel rebellious anymore. Not too horny these days. it feels like a limbo. somewhere between childhood, teenage hood and adulthood. There should be a manual that says "THINGS TO DO AND THINK ABOUT @ 21"

I still feel 20. sometimes even 19. i have definitely become more un stupid. i stopped playing with people's feelings. i am smoking a lot these days. i am not slightly homosexual. i am concerned about people. I am not that angry anymore. I have started loving 'The Brady Bunch'. I have stopped daydreaming. I am in a relationship for almost a year.

So i guess i am a mixture of all those years i have passed. Maybe everyone is a little bit of every year. When i speak in different voices and believe that my turtle can reply,I must be 4. When i dream of flying and conversing with superheroes i must be 6. When i am thinking of watching FTV and ahem, i must be 15. When i sit down and laugh at my first time smoking/driving/school i must be 19. When i sit down and laugh at stupid rivalries and gangster-giri i must be 20. When i care about other people and life and how to change the world to make it a better place, i must be 21. Or maybe there is more to 21 than that.

I don't know what this year holds for me. Soon enough i will feel like an uncle. Another 21 years will pass and i will remember all this. maybe i wont. Whatever this year holds, i am sure that i will have many more memories of friends, families and lot of other things. Good, bad or outright
ugly, here i come 22...

Uncle MeE

JB signin off...

PS : I'm a bit rusty, so forgive me for this bullcrap.